What Is Ayandar?

whatisayandarAyandar was originally the name of the product that would become LitMaps. A onomatopoeia of “A and R,” it originally stood for “Analysis and Recommendations,” and is the tool that Certified Ghostwriters use to bid on projects.

When the company was originally conceived by literary expert Lona Nicholle in late 2014, she wanted to bring this tool to bear for all authors – not just those who want to hire a ghostwriter to write their books. But the new product was so much more than the “ayandar” name could ever do justice.

And so, in 2016 after months of brainstorming and researching, LitMaps was born! The Ayandar URL is just a reminder of where we started – and of exactly how much more an author gets when they purchase a personalized LitMap!